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Boom or Bust [video]

Not too long ago, we interviewed Wes St. Jon, a singer/songwriter known as “The Oilfield Cowboy.” Wes lives in Nashville, but he’s been spending lots of time in North Dakota’s oil patch, introducing himself to roughnecks and other folks. He’s written 30 songs about life in the oil fields, including “Boom or Bust,” a tune about the ups and downs of the business.

This music video was shot in Williston and Epping, North Dakota, and on location at a red-white-and-blue pumpjack just off a gravel road between those two towns. Thanks to Arnie’s Motorcycle Sales in Williston for use of the Harley-Davidson.

The original interview with Wes is here.

Wes St. Jon’s website is here.



  1. k biz says:

    Saw the other booms and busts in ND. Sad to say but unless we in the USA can actually control the oil in ALL of the states…This is the way it will be….Follow the money. $$$ Who is in control…we the people or the ones that control the way things go????

  2. I was a Frac Tech with the Western Company of North America (I’m mad to Eddie) in the 80’s. I have been out of the oilfield for 28 years. When it snows in Oklahoma I miss the patch. It was a wonderful experience in my youth. It tought me integrity and finishing the project that has followed me through life.

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