Oil Country: A View From The Air

Take a tour of oil country with photographer Ben Garvin.

You may also listen to an interview with Ben on the audio player (above). To view the photos full screen, click on the rectangle in the bottom right-hand corner of one of the photographs.

Photo by Ben Garvin

Ben Garvin's Bakken Aerials



  1. Kirby says:

    I disagree with you that the mark of mankind and industrialization is an ugly scar on the land. I think it blends and is beautiful with nature. It shows man reins complete and nature is for mankind a gift of life.

  2. Andrew Sylte says:

    The second to last picture is tracks from a farmer who was picking rocks, after what looks like, a light dusting of snow.

  3. Mary Jo says:

    Very sad to read the enlightening statistic in slide #3.

  4. sfp says:

    we can ban coal mining an oil exploration and drilling and go green
    the industry will reply
    ban the exploration of minerals
    and let the bastards freeze in the dark

  5. erim says:

    Absolutely amazing photos, Ben. Thank you for sharing. I’ve been reading about and looking at images from the Bakken for some time, and these are far and away the best I’ve found. Big props.

  6. […] Last week we showed how the landscape has evolved in the booming oil town of Williston, North Dakota by looking at historical aerial photos. In this week’s post I decided to strap you in the passenger seat of a Cessna airplane to get a pilot’s view of the modern day gold rush, as photographed by Ben Garvin via Black Gold Boom. […]

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