What I Hate About the Boom

North Dakota boom has affected me in a sad way, my husband went there in 2011 to work to help with getting things set up for our retirement days and it didn't work out that way, instead he came home after a year and half with the long term brain damage from the H2S exposure and it hasn't been a easy road for him and it is sad to know there really isn't any type of cure, he will be health damaged for the rest of his life and they are not taught up there about the long term or do they use the prevention to keep it from happening. No money in the world is worth seeing him suffer on a daily basis from this. The sad part is that probably many up there is suffering from signs of this and can't get a diagnosis to what is happening to them because there really isn't any medical test that will show this H2S exposure in your body after about 45 hours of being exposed and by that time all you can do is wonder why your having syncope spells on a daily or weekly basis. Luckily after about a year after he came home we did find a enviromentalist specialist that can detect this thru testing and now my husband is doing a lot better since going to this doctor but will never be able to do the things he use to do and also faced with every day if he will be able to walk that day when he gets up. This is a sad thing. So if anyone would like to like to contact me or have concerns I would love to hear from you because if I can help someone get help sooner and maybe not let them get to the point my husband is at, that is my goal. I have spent many hours researching this due to no medical doctor could never diagnose him because there isn't a test that will show the damage this has done. Please contact me a terridarri2003@aol.com I would love to hear from you.



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