What I Hate About the Boom

I want to caution any worker that is going to North Dakota to get short term and long term disability before you go there. I was eligible for both through my work, but I got called out to work when I was filling out the paper work. I did not turn it in. Fracking chemicals and H2S Gas will ruin your life. I have permanent lung and heart injuries. I can't concentrate, my memory is sporadic. My fingernails are now clubbed. I am loosing my hearing now a year and a half after I left. North Dakota Workforce Safety is a joke. They are suppose to protect workers. Only thing protected so far is the employers. They will deny everything when the truth is in there face. They are in control of everything. They are the insurance company, the adjusters, the courts, the appeals courts etc... You are not guaranteed medical care. You are guaranteed that you will be given the run around. Google. ND workers comp complaints. They have been caught lying and cheating workers, but nothing has changed. You cannot get an attorney to help without paying 5k dollars. It's a game and you are the Monopoly piece getting moved around. If you are a truck driver, do not idle your truck close to oil well sites. The H2S stays by the ground. It will be pulled up to your HVAC system. If you do go, just be aware that you may never be the same. If I cough or laugh I black out. If I do anything I am out of breathe.

-Fracking chemical worker


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