Tattoo Your Ride, Not Your Hide
See James' story in the Rough Ride

James Goeres sells pickup truck stickers from a mobile home. His motto: “Tattoo Your Ride, Not Your Hide.”



  1. Tom Holloway says:

    Nice podcast, although i didnt really like his language.

  2. J says:

    You wanna hear the truth, go to Fronteras, and look up The Sticker Bus… Get the full story of the TRUE Sticker Bus there. See where it all started and maybe we’ll tell ya how it got here… He defames the Lady that runs the original bus by saying all kinds of rude and horrible things about her and the business ORIGINALLY Started by Chuck Goeres and HIS WIFE Josie Goeres. Oh and The Sticker Bus can customize any and every thing you want… JUST AN FYI

  3. J says:

    They are beautiful ladies, with beautiful hearts, very passionate about their work. No crazy language here Tom Holloway… Their names are Adriana, Jessica, and THE OWNER JOSIE GOERES… If you want a great article with beautiful ASSets, check the REAL Sticker Bus out.

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