What I Hate About the Boom

It has greatly increased numbers of low-lifes causing all kinds of trouble; lousy out-of-state drivers w no manners or driving skills, such as idjits who pass on the RIGHT ON RAMPS;(they ALL have out of state plates, officers) -

It's making a new class of 'haves' out of former 'have nots', which causes all kinds of additional trouble; it has raised housing & other costs far from the oil patch as greed - always a problem among whites - has risen to new levels because of ripoffs in the oil patch;

It dumps on the only environment we have - no other animal craps in its nest, only greedy stupid humans; fracking causes problems with wells & roads far from the original fracking sites;

The oil is being taken out from under our Indn land but the legislature & governor don't want to 'give' us the larger share of the taxes - sounds like the bad old days all over again to this Ndn; (in fairness, after we raised stink, 'the state' finally uncorked road-repair money - the alternative being, the oil wouldn't leave the Rez); we who live in the country are having far more trouble with trespassing & vandalism of our fences, cattle, etc.; alcohol & drug problems have risen, along with violence;

I don't recall hearing about prostitution in ND - although there was almost certainly some - until the oil boom; now we hear about it often. Young female friends of mine say they're nervous about going out because of the crudeness of oil workers' flirting; young male friends of mine say they're nervous about going out to have fun with young females because of the violence & belligerent attitude of oil frield workers - both these groups are in the BisMan area; & as usual, the political & business "leaders" of ND made no plans for any of the above when oil was discovered - they have always been over-focused on 'jobs', not 'good jobs', & 'money at any cost'. These are not particularly creative people, as we all know, but this is unreal.

We NEED a couple of authentic ND winters to clean the lowlifes out - & I HATE winter. While such winters do nothing about the majority of problems caused by the oil boom, we need to start somewhere. I don't see much good in any of this.

I pray my people back home in SD pay attention to the mess in ND & don't wait to put plans in place to deal with eventualities because if they do, they will be playing catchup, which is always a poor game.



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