What I Hate About the Boom

This week's programming has really shook me to the core. For nearly two years now I have witnessed the essential rape of our state and it's people by the unchecked greed that manifests itself in the oil patch of ND. The reporting on Code Blue has been riveting....all four have brought a truth to the listeners of what is really going on. Here is food for thought....today ND touted how well it monitors the coal mining industry and fined a company 1000 for some spilled earth on the grass. Meanwhile in the western part of the state we have radioactive filters in dumpsters behind hotels, we have effluent from the drilling sites being dumped without being mixed with stabilizer to prevent them from leaching into the soil around the waste pit....the violations go on and on...yet the number of inspectors is sorrowfully slim, and our state legislators could really give a damn. Their greed is even more disturbing.... As a final note...I have not been a NPR supporter financially before, but the next fund raising drive will see my name on the roster as a contributor. Well done....sadly. Dr. Carmelita Lamb

-Carmelita Lamb


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