What I Hate About the Boom

The boom has made ND a lawless state. Environmental laws, Personal Property laws, and DOT laws are violated with impunity. ND has sold out to the oil giants. Several trucking companies and their drivers are blatantly violating the DOT Hours of Service Rules. Some companies force their drivers to run with complete disregard for DOT and FMCSA laws, rules and regulations, thereby threatening the safety and well being of their drivers and the general traveling public. The Hours of Service Rules were put in effect from preventing tired/fatigued drivers to operate their vehicles for everyone's safety. Other companies, just turn a blind eye when drivers violate the rules as long as their Driver Logs look good. The ND DOT is sleeping. All the weigh scales are closed and nobody is checking/enforcing the law because in the end the oil drilling/fracking companies benefit from lower rates from the trucking companies.

-Murtaza Mandviwala


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