Kris Kitko: Accidental Activist

Kris Kitko, a singer/songwriter who lives in Bismarck, is worried about the societal and environmental effects of the oil boom. Kitko describes herself as an accidental activist who writes songs about the negative effects of the oil boom. “I write about whatever moves me,” she says. “I felt very moved by … what I heard people were going through.” In this interview, Kitko sings “Frack That Oil” and “The EPA Hates Babies.”

More information on Kitko is here.

Interview by Diane Richard

Photo by Todd Melby



  1. In the name of “critical thinking,” I suggest that Ms. Kitko take time and write some songs about the positive side of the boom. Remember: Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis.

    J. William Pope
    Hoboken, NJ

  2. […] beyond what they remember or potentially dangerous. It’s a sentiment he’s captured through the activist music of Kris Kitko and the story of Nathina St. Pierre, who keeps several weapons in her truck to ward off the […]

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