Trucks, Trucks, Trucks!

Trucks are ubiquitous in the oil patch. So what’s a reporter to do at sunset? Why he stands in a ditch along Highway 85 just west of Arnegard, North Dakota and points his camera at whatever screams by at 70 mph. That includes trucks hauling cars, trucks carrying hay, pickups, trucks full of sand, service trucks, pretty much everything. (Well, on this night he didn’t see trucks barreling down this narrow two-lane with a house, but he has seen that on other occasions.)

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen a truck hauling in the oil patch? Let us know in the comments section.

— Todd Melby

Truck 34

Truck 33

Truck 30

Truck 32

Truck 7

Truck 28

Truck 9

Truck 24

Truck 23

Truck 31

Truck 16

Truck 10

Truck 12

Truck 11

Truck 4


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