Wes St. Jon: The Oilfield Cowboy

Interview and Photo by Todd Melby

Did you ever wonder what a toolpusher, roustabout or derrick hand does on an oil rig?

Wes St. Jon, also known as “The Oilfield Cowboy,” aims to tell you. Wes is a singer/songwriter from Nashville who fell in love with the oil industry while living in Oklahoma and Louisiana. He got to know roughnecks, truckers and others folks in the business. They taught him how things worked. And he wrote songs about it.

In this interview with Black Gold Boom’s Todd Melby, Wes sings a whole bunch of oilfield classics, including “Redneck Roughneck,” “An Oilfield Man’s Wife,” “Fracin’ The Hole” and “The Story of the Derrick Man, Toolpusher, Roustabout, Roughneck, Driller and The Company Man.” That last one explains the jobs.

More information is available on his Oilfield Cowboy website.

Coming soon on Black Gold Boom, a video of Wes singing “Boom or Bust” near a pumper outside Williston, N.D.



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